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Letter to a young lady who thinks she is just plain-looking
Published on October 30, 2005 By Themissociijuris In Marriage
Dear Alice,

You say you want to marry a good Christian. For that be a good Christian. Believe that God made us in His Own Image, believe that God loves all, believe that God is Beautiful, believe that He loves Beauty, Truth, Trust and Goodness—then how can He create an “ugly woman”?

God always compensates the lack of external beauty with internal beauty. Believe in Him and have confident in yourself—your face will exude a charm that many a well-featured women lack. That’s the secret of beauty.

I do not know as to whether I’m handsome. I look at my face only for two minutes when I shave and for half a minute while combing my hair. I am supposed to have Aryan or Greek features—they considered themselves a ‘superior’ race. One of my colleagues in the Air Force told me that I have a perfect ‘Artist’s Model face’, i.e. if we consider the centre of the ear as the point of an arc, and draw the arc, then:-
the forehead, nose & chin--all should touch that arc.

My school-mates considered my smile as very beautiful; the lady-wife of one of my colleagues in the Air Force told me that I have very beautiful eyes. Mr. Habib (the Hair-dresser for Mr Abdul Kalam, the President of Indian Republic) told me that my hair were dense & good—I lost some of these since then.

When I pass through a street, some women stare deeply at me.

While I was in college, girls desired to befriend me but I was very shy. I never made the first move—they did. Once I fell down in a bus--because the bus suddenly stopped with a jerk and both my hands were full of bags; My face fell on the bosoms of a lady who was sitting in the last seat—she just smiled. People trusted my intentions. That TRUST is beauty in itself because Trust, Truth, Beauty & Goodness are parts of godliness.

Please let these innate qualities of a good soul be seen by the outside world—they will love you for that.
By the Grace of God, I have spiritual powers to heal—by Prayer, any sick man. But I usually do not use this power since it amounts to interference in the ‘Karma’ Theory. This Theory describes His law of human conduct as:-

A person is rewarded by God for that person’s good deeds, and he/she is punished by his/her ill deeds.

In that event, we are finding fault in His System of Justice if we lament our misfortunes—because we earned these misfortunes ourselves in the first place by our own deeds, and He Law punished us. So, a good Christian BOWS to HIS Justice. This not only lessens our pain but also moves Him to remit the punishment—because we have REFORMED the way we relate to Him, His beings and our own inner selves.

I have seen that beauty in you, so I loved you.

Kindly do go through my last few e-mails again and say to yourself that YOU are beautiful—you have the inner beauty and your face shall be an external mirror of this beauty, from this moment onwards.

I’m attaching the photo of a lady, she saw one of my friends on a Matrimonial website, and proposed to him for marriage. He received this photo a few days back. She is beautiful and sexy—she may or may not prove to be a good life-partner, but you will—with your simple face and rich inner beauty IF YOU PLEASE STOP BEING:-


Love you

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